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The Futurism Full Set

$ 144.00 $ 118.00

Each palette in the Futurism Collection. Six mini-palettes showcasing brave new shimmers, celestial metallics, electrified duochromes, and luxurious mattes. Cinematic, thrilling, and highly advanced. The future is in your hands.


  • Rich, velvety texture that slides on as smooth as silk.
  • Soft and creamy yet highly adhesive; no creasing.
  • Ultra-pigmented yet blends effortlessly.
  • Highly versatile and long-lasting.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.

Futurism I: Sci-Fi Green

Alarmingly beautiful and stranger than fiction. Highly graphic shades straight from 2049. Includes two marvelous metallics and four brave new mattes

Radioactive: a grungy amber-orange matte with a soft ionic glow.

Nuclear: a smoky gold metallic bursting with superheated orange.

Glamora: a heroically vibrant duochrome that shifts from an otherworldly green to platinum-gold.

Smog: a smokestack green matte with a hint of toffee brown.

ET: a deep olive-green matte with an alien mystique.

Darkside: a pitch-black matte steeped in a sinister force.


Futurism II: Cyber Bronze

Highly charged and sophisticated. Cutting edge hues imbued with quantum capabilities. Includes two state-of-the-art shimmers, one and three high-tech mattes.

Quantum: A highly-advanced rosey shimmer wired with a dash of copper.

Infrared: A heat-seeking deep maroon shimmer.

Plasma: A quicksilver metallic with a white-hot shine.

Droid: A sandy caramel matte infused with martian soil.

Y2K: A smooth java-brown matte from the depths of cyberspace.

Carbon: A rich elemental charcoal brown matte.


Futurism III: Astro Pink

Galactic Glow. Interstellar marvels saturated with celestial pigmentation. Includes four heavenly mattes, one radiant metallic, and one stunning duochrome.

Cosmos: A deep-space black matte, drizzled with twinkling silver glimmers.

Neptune: A rich aqua-blue duochrome swirling with an ultraviolet glow.

Nebula: A berry fuchsia matte from a galaxy far, far away.

Lightyear: A cosmic beam of brilliant metallic lavender.

Stardust: A dusty rose matte with a cool stellar glow.

Lunar: A peachy moonrise pastel matte.


Futurism V: Electro-Turquoise

Shockingly bright electric delights. Tap into a current of highly energetic hues and charge up your eyelids with lightning luminescence. Includes two sparkling duochromes and four fusible mattes.

Wired: A smooth dark chocolate brown matte.

Digiteal: A supercharged deep teal blue matte.  

TRON: A sparkling aqua blue duochrome infused with golden-green iridescence.

Voltaic: A high-voltage neon tangerine matte.

Forcefield: A cyan blue matte with impenetrable coverage.

Shockwave: A sparkling white platinum metallic with a blast of frosted diamond iridescence.

Futurism VI: Lunar Lavender

A panoramic moonlit wonderland. Float through glowing lunar meadows on these serene violet nightlights. Includes four pristine mattes, one gleaming duochrome, and one scenic shimmer.

Nocturnal: A nighttime skyglow mauve taupe matte.

Moonroof: A brilliant sapphire sparkling duochrome with a glimmering lavender shift.

Dreamscape: An icy silver lilac shimmer with a twilight shine.

Midnight Flora: A night-blooming warm violet matte

Wisteria: A lush and breezy lavender matte.

Crater Grove: A lunar landscape plum brown matte.


Futurism VII: Sashimi City
Dynamic, cosmopolitan salmon delicacies. Saunter down a lively boulevard and soak up the vibe while indulging in renowned specialties. Includes four muted mattes, one sumptuous multichrome, and one savory sparkling duochrome.

Promenade: a tranquil, meandering clay brown matte.

Penthouse: A sky-high champagne gold sparkling duochrome with a golden green shift.

Gourmet:  A delectable light peach caramel matte.

Pink Ginger: A zesty pink multichrome with a sunset orange and gold shift.

Salmon Skyline: A spectacular skylit salmon matte.

Soy Sauce: A scrumptious and tangy chestnut brown matte.


Tone Activator Eye Primer:

Eye primer that activates eye makeup’s full potential by enhancing eyeshadow or pressed pigments’ vibrancy and color payoff. The Tone Activator Eye Primer also makes looks last longer by locking eye makeup in place, preventing smudging and creasing. 

Key Features:

  • Makes colors POP
  • Smudge-proof
  • Crease-proof
  • Water resistant

How to use: After cleansing, spread a small amount evenly on eyelids before applying eyeshadow or pressed pigments.