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Lo-Fi Duo Blushers

Lo-Fi Duo Blushers

The Lo-Fi Duo Blushers are mellow, punchy duo blushers for low-key bold blush. Each duo blusher contains one matte and one duochrome shade that can be layered for a warm, color-shifting glow or applied separately. Blendable enough for a soft, natural flush yet pigmented enough for a striking, radiant finish. Exude good vibes and match your mood with these irresistibly cozy and catchy duo blushers.

Lo-Fi Rose Lo-Fi Rose

Lo-Fi Rose

$ 18.00
Lo-Fi Peach Lo-Fi Peach

Lo-Fi Peach

$ 18.00
The Lo-Fi Duo Blusher Pair The Lo-Fi Duo Blusher Pair

The Lo-Fi Duo Blusher Pair

$ 32.00