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Lucid Lip Gloss

Lucid Lip Gloss

Lucid Lip Gloss was made to help you bring your gloss fantasy to life. Silky smooth and highly volumizing, this gloss slides on like a liquid, but adheres to lips with a soft hold and a spotless finish. Each stroke leaves an effortlessly clean, defined edge, with no feathering, smudging, or stickiness. Charged with an iridescent shine and a polarizing, translucent finish, this mesmerizing gloss will give you the lucid lips of your dreams. 

Crystalize Crystalize Out of stock


$ 16.00
Fantasize Fantasize Out of stock


$ 16.00
Mesmerize Mesmerize Out of stock


$ 16.00
Hypnotize Hypnotize


$ 16.00
Dramatize Dramatize


$ 16.00