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The Futurism Set

$106.00 $76.80

The Futurism Set

$106.00 $76.80

Includes everything in the current futurism collection with a Tone Activator Eye Primer:

  • Futurism III: Astro Pink
  • Futurism V: Electro-Turquoise
  • Futurism VI: Lunar Lavender
  • Futurism VII: Sashimi City
  • Tone Activator Eye Primer


Futurism III: Astro Pink

Galactic Glow. Interstellar marvels saturated with celestial pigmentation. Includes four heavenly mattes (including one diamond glitter matte), one radiant metallic, and one stunning duochrome.

Futurism V: Electro-Turquoise

Shockingly bright electric delights. Tap into a current of highly energetic hues and charge up your look with lightning luminescence. Includes two sparkling duochromes and four fusible mattes.

Futurism VI: Lunar Lavender

A panoramic moonlit wonderland. Float through glowing lunar meadows on these serene violet nightlights. Includes four pristine mattes, one gleaming duochrome, and one scenic shimmer.

Futurism VII: Sashimi City

Dynamic, cosmopolitan salmon delicacies. Saunter down a lively boulevard and soak up the vibe while indulging in renowned specialties. Includes four muted mattes, one sumptuous multichrome, and one savory sparkling duochrome.

Tone Activator Eye Primer

Eye primer that activates eye makeup’s full potential by enhancing eyeshadow or pressed pigments’ vibrancy and color payoff. The Tone Activator Eye Primer also makes looks last longer by locking eye makeup in place, preventing smudging and creasing.