The Futurism Full Set

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      Each palette in the Futurism Collection. Five mini-palettes showcasing brave new shimmers, celestial metallics, electrified duochromes, and high-tech mattes. Cinematic, thrilling, and highly advanced. The future is in your hands.


      • Rich, velvety texture that slides on as smooth as silk.
      • Soft and creamy yet highly adhesive; no creasing.
      • Ultra-pigmented yet blends effortlessly.
      • Highly versatile and long-lasting.
      • Vegan and cruelty-free.

      Futurism I: Sci-Fi Green

      Alarmingly beautiful and stranger than fiction. Highly graphic shades straight from 2049. Includes two marvelous metallics and four brave new mattes

      Radioactive: a grungy amber-orange matte with a soft ionic glow.

      Nuclear: a smoky gold metallic bursting with superheated orange.

      Glamora: a heroically vibrant duochrome that shifts from an otherworldy green to platinum-gold.

      Smog: a smokestack green matte with a hint of toffee brown.

      ET: a deep olive-green matte with an alien mystique.

      Darkside: a pitch-black matte steeped in a sinister force.


      Futurism II: Cyber Bronze

      Highly charged and sophisticated. Cutting edge hues imbued with quantum capabilities. Includes two state-of-the-art shimmers, one and three high-tech mattes.

      Quantum: A highly-advanced rosey shimmer wired with a dash of copper.

      Infrared: A heat-seeking deep maroon shimmer.

      Plasma: A quicksilver metallic with a white-hot shine.

      Droid: A sandy caramel matte infused with martian soil.

      Y2K: A smooth java-brown matte from the depths of cyberspace.

      Carbon: A rich elemental charcoal brown matte.


      Futurism III: Astro Pink

      Galactic Glow. Interstellar marvels saturated with celestial pigmentation. Includes four heavenly mattes, one radiant metallic, and one stunning duochrome.

      Cosmos: A deep-space black matte, drizzled with twinkling silver glimmers.

      Neptune: A rich aqua-blue duochrome swirling with an ultraviolet glow.

      Nebula: A berry fuchsia matte from a galaxy far, far away.

      Lightyear: A cosmic beam of brilliant metallic lavender.

      Stardust: A dusty rose matte with a cool stellar glow.

      Lunar: A peachy moonrise pastel matte.


      Futurism IV: VR Neon

      A fully immersive neon experience. Explore an alternate reality of neon glow to unlock new levels of color synthesis. Includes four high-performance mattes and two sparkling duochromes.

      Hologram: An electric orange sparkling duo-chrome with finely pixelated golden iridescence.

      Easter Egg: a rich magenta sparkling duo-chrome with a dash of violet iridescence hidden inside.

      Game Over: a drop-dead gorgeous vermilion red matte.

      Boss: An undefeatable neon orange matte that packs a fruity punch.

      Level Up: A citrus yellow matte to boost your neon game.

      Glitch: A startlingly crisp lime green matte.


      Futurism V: Electro-Turquoise

      Shockingly bright electric delights. Tap into a current of highly energetic hues and charge up your eyelids with lightning luminescence. Includes two sparkling duochromes and four fusible mattes.

      Wired: A smooth dark chocolate brown matte.

      Digiteal: A supercharged deep teal blue matte.  

      TRON: A sparkling aqua blue duochrome infused with golden-green iridescence.

      Voltaic: A high-voltage neon tangerine matte.

      Forcefield: A cyan blue matte with impenetrable coverage.

      Shockwave: A sparkling white platinum metallic with a blast of frosted diamond iridescence.

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