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The Space Age Highlighters

The Space Age Highlighters

An interstellar vacation for the senses to the heights of optic opulence. This constellation of sun-soaked, color-shifting highlighters is here to guide you on a lavish voyage to your most radiant self. Shine as bright as the stars with the Space Age Highlighter set.  

Diamond Dasher Diamond Dasher

Diamond Dasher

$ 14.00
Mars Melter Mars Melter

Mars Melter

$ 14.00
Moon Cruiser Moon Cruiser

Moon Cruiser

$ 14.00
Comet Catcher Comet Catcher

Comet Catcher

$ 14.00
Star Surfer Star Surfer

Star Surfer

$ 14.00
Ray Rider Ray Rider

Ray Rider

$ 14.00
Sky Walker Sky Walker Out of stock

Sky Walker

$ 14.00
Solar Sailor Solar Sailor

Solar Sailor

$ 14.00
The Space Age Highlighter Complete Set The Space Age Highlighter Complete Set Out of stock

The Space Age Highlighter Complete Set

$ 94.00