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International shipping during COVID-19 FAQs

1.) Do you still ship internationally?

Currently, we can ship to the following places:

Europe: All countries
North America: All countries
Asia: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan
Australia: Australia and New Zealand
Africa: South Africa
Middle East: Israel
South America: Brazil

This list is subject to change; we will be adding more countries as shipping options become available to us. If your country is not included here and you would like to make a purchase, please send us an email at and we will try to make a shipping solution for you. However, we cannot guarantee this for countries not included here at the moment. 

2.) How much does shipping cost?
International shipping is still $6-$8 USD per order for orders under $70 USD and FREE for orders over $70 USD. We have had to raise the free shipping threshold due to significantly higher global shipping fees in the past months. 

3.) How long will shipping take, and why is it taking so long?

Normally, we use ePacket delivery to ship internationally; when shipping in this way, your package is placed in the cargo space on a commercial aircraft and flown your country, at which point it is picked up by your country’s postal service and delivered to your address.

In recent weeks, commercial flights around the world have been drastically reduced so we are currently relying on third-party logistics companies for international shipping. Each of these companies handles a small group of countries; we are constantly looking for the best options and working with them to expanding our shipping capabilities to their pre-COVID-19 level.

Currently, here are the places we can ship to and the shipping times. With a few exceptions, the shipping times are all slower than normal due to COVID-19. If your order takes longer than 35 days to reach you, we will refund you 30%, and if it takes longer than 42 days, we will refund you in full or reship your order. 

UK: 4-10 days
Germany, Italy, and France: 13-17 days
Rest of EU countries: 17-27 days
Non-EU European countries: 25-35 days

North America:
US: 27-30 days ---> We now have a 10 day express option for the US! (between $10 and $30 USD depending on order weight). 
Canada: 15-20 days
Mexico: 15-20 days

Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan: 15-20 days
Malaysia,Singapore: 15-20 days
Russia: 17-30 days

Australia, New Zealand:
15-20 days

South Africa: 35 days

Middle East:
Israel: 35 days

South America:
Brazil: 35 days

This list is subject to change; shipping times will likely improve over the coming months, and we will continue adding more countries as these options become available to us.

4.) Which carriers do you use?

Currently, all orders are shipped through third party logistics companies. Each of these companies handle deliveries to a single company or small group of companies. Please contact us if you would like more information about the logistics company handling shipments to your country.