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Cosmo Rebel Holiday Gift Set

$170.00 $136.00

Cosmo Rebel Holiday Gift Set

$170.00 $136.00


  • Twilight Rush Quad Palette
  • Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliners in Night of Creation
  • Mono Blush in Pale Rose
  • Space Age Multichrome Highlighter in Gifted
  • Untamed Glow Glossy Lip Glazes in Last Smoke and Freefall
  • Blue and Pink Knitted Bag



Twilight Rush Quad Palette:

Strums to the tune of premium, eye-enhancing mattes and rip-roaring shimmers. A collection of fine-tuned indigo-grays, dynamic lilacs, and a twinkling, gunmetal black shade makes every stroke of the brush a dreamy delight.

Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliner:

Night of Creation - A velvet multichrome gel eyeliner with a color shift across Ultramarine - Violet - Dark Plum. This eyeliner boasts a velvet-like texture with a luxurious glow.

Pale Rose Mono Blush:

A smokey mauve-rose. This shade complements cool-toned eyes and lips with a melancholic ambience.

Gifted Multichrome Highlighter:

A multichrome fuchsia highlighter with a breathtaking peach and blue-green shift. Blessed with an ethereal glow, this color shifting glaze will illuminate your day and light up the universe.

Untamed Glow Glossy Lip Glazes:

Last Smoke - A smokey, grungy mauve. A born icon, this cool-toned shade is effortlessly chic, polished, and trendy in all scenarios.

Freefall - A semi-translucent shimmer, like sparkling diamonds. A holographic, diamond glow makes this shade a marvel to behold.

Blue and Pink Knitted Bag:

Width 280mm, bag length 300mm, strap length 300mm