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Futuristic Dream Holiday Gift Set

$233.00 $186.00

Futuristic Dream Holiday Gift Set

$233.00 $186.00


  • Escape Pod Palette
  • Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliners in Solaris and Limelight
  • Mono Blush in Ecstasy
  • Space Age Highlighter in Moon Cruiser
  • Cloud Lab Lip Clay Vaults in Sand Castle and Flora Noir
  • Blue Agave Softening Lip Mask
  • Flower Punk Dresser



Escape Pod Palette:

An instant escape to the most sublime realms of your imagination. Fresh, fruity, multi-hued and marvelous, this 15-shade palette is an exuberant celebration of eccentric elegance. Bursting with vibrant violets, luxurious duochromes, and a festive spectrum of bright, ultra-pigmented mattes, the Escape Pod handles like a dream and will navigate smoothly to the most extraordinary destinations you can dream up.

Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliners:

Solaris - A radiant spectrum multichrome gel eyeliner with a color shift across Metallic Red - Sienna - Orange - Bronze - Lime Green - Olive Green. This eyeliner boasts a radiant finish that shifts across the color spectrum.

Limelight - A prismatic multichrome gel eyeliner with a color shift across Grass Green - Forest Green - Turquoise - Lake Blue - Dark Blue. This eyeliner boasts a crystalline finish with diamond like shifts.

Ecstasy Mono Blush:

A fresh pink with a hint of coral. A silken, featherlight pressed powder blush delicately crafted for blendable, long-lasting coverage. Exceptionally smooth and fine, this blush delivers a soft-matte flush sweet beyond imagination.

Moon Cruiser Highlighter:

A rich neon lilac with a cool, moonlit cobalt shift. Take a joyride through unseen lunar landscapes on this blue and violet hotrod.

Sand Castle Cloud Lab Lip Clay Vault:

Adobe - A dusty cool-toned pinky peach.

Dune - A cool-toned berry dusty rose.

Terra - A warm-toned burnt terracotta orange.

Sienna - A warm-toned toasted chestnut brown.

Floral Noir Cloud Lab Lip Clay Vault:

Cactus Flower - A vibrant and fruity neon fuchsia. More hot pink than Fiamma.

Agave - A fierce and intense dark teal green.

Mahogany - A warm-toned deep woody brown.

Dahlia - A cool carnal maroon red. Slightly lighter blood red compared to Rubino.

Blue Agave Softening Lip Mask:

A highly moisturizing lip mask formulated with Shea Butter and Agave Leaf Extract.

Flower Punk Dresser:

Dimensions: 157*217*160mm