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Hot-Pink Chic Holiday Gift Set

$160.00 $128.00

Hot-Pink Chic Holiday Gift Set

$160.00 $128.00


  • Cold Brew Quad Palette
  • Mono Blushes in Dreamwalk and Pale Rose
  • Untamed Glow Glossy Lip Glazes in Pink Marquise and Elixir
  • Cloud Lab Lip Clays in Dune and Bare
  • Red and Pink Knitted Bag



Cold Brew Quad Palette:

Effortless metropolitan sophistication. Take a sip of this cooling, bittersweet Cold Brew and escape all inhibitions. Saddled with provocative mattes and crystalline shimmers, the Cold Brew palette resonates across all social spaces with the essence of an organic rapture. Includes three silky mattes and one sparkling shimmer.

Mono Blushes:

Dreamwalk - A lucid lilac pink. A silken, featherlight pressed powder blush delicately crafted for blendable, long-lasting coverage. Exceptionally smooth and fine, this blush delivers a soft-matte flush sweet beyond imagination.

Pale Rose - A smokey mauve-rose. This shade complements cool-toned eyes and lips with a melancholic ambience.

Untamed Glow Glossy Lip Glazes:

Pink Marquise - A glistening pink with pearlescent shimmers. Rich, cool undertones make this shade as satisfying as a wisp of morning mist.

Elixir - A warm, deeply suffused pink nude. An undeniable protagonist, this shade epitomizes someone that draws people in through a heart of gold.

Cloud Lab Lip Clays:

Dune - A cool-toned berry dusty rose.

Bare - A nude pink champagne.

Red and Pink Knitted Bag:

Width 300mm, bag length 195mm, strap length 370mm