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Night of Creation Full Set

$140.00 $120.00

Night of Creation Full Set

$140.00 $120.00

Includes EVERYTHING in the Night of Creation Collection:

  • Flowing Haze Palette
  • Glowing Iris Palette
  • Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliner in 6 shades: Tourmaline, Solaris, Night of Creation, Seven Seas, Limelight, and Sea Sparkle
  • Night of Creation Display

The Night of Creation Display is a limited-time offer PR box that will be gifted with this set while SUPPLIES LAST!  


Flowing Haze Quad Palette:

Insist on passion and vitality. A sensory stimulation of paradisal brilliance, this easy little number blends seamlessly for added definition and dimension. Helmed by a soft, dreamful ebb of color, the Flowing Haze Palette delivers a delicate tapestry of customized intensity in a tightrope balance of cool, effortless glam and playful pursuits. Includes three silky mattes and one sparkling duochrome.

Glowing Iris Quad Palette:

Unveil bold, blissed-out beauty. A note-perfect execution of dark sophistication, the Glowing Iris Palette boasts a euphonious trill of gaze-eclipsing pigment. Mix business with pleasure in a symphony of voluptuous, power-packed shades for an overwhelmingly beautiful, brave new world. Includes three silky mattes and one sparkling metallic.

Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliners:

Tourmaline: Peach - Champagne - Lemon - Lime - Mint Green

Solaris: Metallic Red - Sienna - Orange - Bronze - Lime Green - Olive Green 

Night of Creation: Ultramarine - Violet - Dark Plum

Seven Seas: Custard - Lime - Grass Green - Turquoise - Lake Blue

Limelight: Grass Green - Forest Green - Turquoise - Lake Blue - Dark Blue

Sea Sparkle: Silver - Icy Blue - Denim Blue

Night of Creation Display:

Wooden structure with caviar lining covered in graphic fine mesh.

The graphics on each Night of Creation Display may vary slightly because the fabric is elastic and each box is handmade individually.

Dimensions: 24 cm x 13.5 cm x 19.1 cm