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Romantic Punk Holiday Gift Set

$255.00 $199.00

Romantic Punk Holiday Gift Set

$255.00 $199.00


  • Quad Palettes in Black Jasmine and Flowing Haze
  • Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliners in Night of Creation and Sea Sparkle
  • Mono Blush in Dreamwalk
  • Space Age Multichrome Highlighter in Gifted
  • Cloud Lab Lip Clay Vaults in Smokey Nostalgia and Polar Placid
  • Smokey Nostalgia Dresser



Black Jasmine Quad Palette:

Mysterious and mesmerizing beauty across an enduring maxim. A silhouette of vice-like elegance, this gem conjures the classic smokey look. Equal parts fantasy and reality, the Black Jasmine Palette blends flirty fun and seductive finesse. Includes three silky mattes and one sparkling shimmer.

Flowing Haze Quad Palette:

Insist on passion and vitality. A sensory stimulation of paradisal brilliance, this easy little number blends seamlessly for added definition and dimension. Helmed by a soft, dreamful ebb of color, the Flowing Haze Palette delivers a delicate tapestry of customized intensity in a tightrope balance of cool, effortless glam and playful pursuits. Includes three silky mattes and one sparkling duochrome.

Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliners:

Night of Creation - A velvet multichrome gel eyeliner with a color shift across Ultramarine - Violet - Dark Plum. This eyeliner boasts a velvet-like texture with a luxurious glow.

Sea Sparkle - A dynamic metallic gel eyeliner with a color shift across Silver - Icy Blue - Denim Blue. This eyeliner boasts a sparkling metallic finish with an icy luster.

Dreamwalk Mono Blush:

A lucid lilac pink. A silken, featherlight pressed powder blush delicately crafted for blendable, long-lasting coverage. Exceptionally smooth and fine, this blush delivers a soft-matte flush sweet beyond imagination. 

Gifted Multichrome Highlighter:

A multichrome fuchsia highlighter with a breathtaking peach and blue-green shift. With an extraordinarily smooth and exquisitely blendable formula, this phantasmal highlighter shifts fluidly through a spectrum of four different hues yet can blend perfectly into skin for a luxurious natural finish.

Smokey Nostalgia Cloud Lab Lip Clay Vault:

Skinship - A muted neutral beige perfect for pairing with bold eye looks.

Cold Smoke - A cool-toned taupe brown.

Cognac - An exquisitely rich, warm-toned cocoa brown.

Smeared Rouge - A blackened blue-red that can be smeared out to a magenta.

Polar Placid Cloud Lab Lip Clay Vault:

Pink Himalayan - A muted dusty pink.

Tundra - A muted cool-toned chai brown.

North - A light peach rose beige with cool undertones.

Echo Valley - A cool-toned taupe.

Smokey Nostalgia Dresser:

Dimensions: 157*217*160mm