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The Face Brush Set

$32.00 $32.00

The Face Brush Set

$32.00 $32.00

All three of the Kaleidos Face Brushes! 


Angled Contour Brush 

A wide, angled contour brush with a rounded edge and soft, fluffy bristles. The high edge of the angled head is perfect for creating a precise but subtle cheekbone contour line, while the curved, low edge blends contour softly down to towards the jawline creating a smooth, natural shadow.

Precision Highlighter Brush

A highlighter brush with long, soft bristles and a slightly rounded square-cut head. This brush is designed for to be pointed enough for precision application but just wide enough to achieve the perfect highlighter application with just a few strokes. With fluffy bristles that are flexible enough to blend and blur highlighter out smoothly, this brush is the perfect tool for achieving high coverage, natural highlights.

Blush Brush

A versatile domed powder brush for applying localized pops or broad swathes of blush. This brush features a softly pointed tip for applying blush with precision and gently curved sides wide enough for spreading product and blending evenly and naturally. Handmade with extra soft and fluffy bristles, this brush is flexible enough to take up and evenly distribute product with ease but firm enough for precision application.