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The Full Fresh Fantasy Collection


The Full Fresh Fantasy Collection


Every product in The Fresh Fantasy Collection, including the Fresh Fantasy Suitcase and Hair Bow. A fresh take on fantasy. 

Colorful nudes for finding fresh inspiration in daily color combinations. With two spirited eyeshadow palettes, three dynamic contour palettes, and one glimmering lip gloss, this collection was carefully curated to put moving and imaginative spin on neutral makeup.

Balanced, refined, and sophisticated yet refreshingly evocative and captivating. Make your daydreams a daily affair with this fusion of fantasy and finesse.


Futurism VI: Lunar Lavender

A panoramic moonlit wonderland. Float through glowing lunar meadows on these serene violet nightlights. Includes four pristine mattes, one gleaming duochrome, and one scenic shimmer.


Nocturnal: A nighttime skyglow mauve taupe matte.

Moonroof: A brilliant sapphire sparkling duochrome with a glimmering lavender shift.

Dreamscape: An icy silver lilac shimmer with a twilight shine.

Midnight Flora: A night-blooming warm violet matte

Wisteria: A lush and breezy lavender matte.

Crater Grove: A lunar landscape plum brown matte.


Futurism VII: Sashimi City 

Dynamic, cosmopolitan salmon delicacies. Saunter down a lively boulevard and soak up the vibe while indulging in renowned specialties. Includes four muted mattes, one sumptuous multichrome, and one savory sparkling duochrome.


Promenade: a tranquil, meandering clay brown matte.

Penthouse: A sky-high champagne gold sparkling duochrome with a golden green shift.

Gourmet:  A delectable light peach caramel matte.

Pink Ginger: A zesty pink multichrome with a sunset orange and gold shift.

Salmon Skyline: A spectacular skylit salmon matte.

Soy Sauce: A scrumptious and tangy chestnut brown matte.


Charisma Contour in Cool and Light
A contour palette Best suited for fair to light skin with cool undertones. 

1.) Fill – A light peach illuminator with pink undertones.

2.) Shade – A cool dusted taupe nose contour.

3.) Chisel – A neutral taupe cheek contour with pink undertones.   


Charisma Contour in Warm and Medium
A contour palette best suited for light to medium skin with warm undertones. 

1.) Fill – A cream colored illuminator with yellow undertones.

2.) Shade – A neutral taupe nose contour. 

3.) Chisel – A warm soft brown cheek contour with yellow undertones.


Charisma Contour in Warm and Deep
A contour palette best suited for deep skin with warm undertones. 

1.) Fill – A light terracotta illuminator with red undertones.

2.) Shade – a neutral deep brown nose contour.

3.) Chisel – A deep brown cheek contour with red undertones.


Lucid Lip Gloss in Dramatize
A candy coating of coral and strawberry red with golden and pink sparkles.


The Fresh Fantasy Suitcase
A sturdy and durable tin suitcase with an illustration of the Fresh Fantasy Universe on the side. Latches closed and features a folding lavender handle. 

The Fresh Fantasy Hair Bow
A hair bow with an elastic headband designed with a depiction of the Fresh Fantasy Universe.