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Ultra Violet Holiday Gift Set

$125.00 $100.00

Ultra Violet Holiday Gift Set

$125.00 $100.00


  • Glowing Iris Quad Palette
  • Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliner in Night of Creation
  • Mono Blush in Dreamwalk
  • Untamed Glow Glossy Lip Glaze in Last Smoke
  • Cloud Lab Lip Clays in Pink Himalayan and Siren
  • Sound of Winter Display



Glowing Iris Quad Palette:

Unveil bold, blissed-out beauty. A note-perfect execution of dark sophistication, the Glowing Iris Palette boasts a euphonious trill of gaze-eclipsing pigment. Mix business with pleasure in a symphony of voluptuous, power-packed shades for an overwhelmingly beautiful, brave new world. Includes three silky mattes and one sparkling metallic.

Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliner:

Night of Creation - A velvet multichrome gel eyeliner with a color shift across Ultramarine - Violet - Dark Plum. This eyeliner boasts a velvet-like texture with a luxurious glow.

Dreamwalk Mono Blush:

A lucid lilac pink. A silken, featherlight pressed powder blush delicately crafted for blendable, long-lasting coverage. Exceptionally smooth and fine, this blush delivers a soft-matte flush sweet beyond imagination.

Untamed Glow Glossy Lip Glaze:

Last Smoke - A smokey, grungy mauve. A born icon, this cool-toned shade is effortlessly chic, polished, and trendy in all scenarios.

Cloud Lab Lip Clays:

Pink Himalayan - A muted, dusty pink, this shade personifies an easy, tender coolness.

Siren - A lusciously saturated, blue-toned purple. Forcefully eye-catching, this shade oozes a lethal, enigmatic allure and lays upon the lips like a siren's hypnotic kiss.

Sounds of Winter Display:

Dimensions: 185*115*140mm