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The Futurism Set

$72.00 $54.00

The Futurism Set

$72.00 $54.00

Includes everything in the current futurism collection:

  • Futurism V: Electro-Turquoise
  • Futurism VI: Lunar Lavender
  • Futurism VII: Sashimi City



Futurism V: Electro-Turquoise

Shockingly bright electric delights. Tap into a current of highly energetic hues and charge up your look with lightning luminescence. Includes two sparkling duochromes and four fusible mattes.

Futurism VI: Lunar Lavender

A panoramic moonlit wonderland. Float through glowing lunar meadows on these serene violet nightlights. Includes four pristine mattes, one gleaming duochrome, and one scenic shimmer.

Futurism VII: Sashimi City

Dynamic, cosmopolitan salmon delicacies. Saunter down a lively boulevard and soak up the vibe while indulging in renowned specialties. Includes four muted mattes, one sumptuous multichrome, and one savory sparkling duochrome.